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If you want to start running, now is the right time.

Because: Now is always the right time if you want to achieve your goals.

This guest post by the editorial team will help you.

If you have read it, you will know 18 good reasons why you should start your running training today.

Get motivated!

This article is a guest post by the editorial team.

Regular running units are fun, increase the vitality and flexibility of the body, boost fat burning and help you reduce stress.

But we have collected even more reasons why it is worthwhile for you to choose running.

Jogging is a cheap sport

Apart from a pair of good running shoes that are adapted to your foot shape and gait, you don’t need any special equipment.

In the summer shorts and T-shirts are sufficient, and in the cold season a rain jacket, hat and possibly also fleece gloves do a good job.

For women, a sports bra is also a good purchase, as it protects the breast tissue and provides extra comfort while jogging.

You don’t have to do without sports even on vacation

It’s a great way to explore the neighborhood and venture into uncharted territory. As a runner, you don’t have to do without your daily units, especially on vacation or business trips.You can run anywhere and can be practiced in any weather.

Whether in city centers, by the sea, in the mountains or in the park – the cherished routine is always and everywhere fun.

Plus: A pair of light running shoes can also be carried in hand luggage.

So why not start running on your next vacation and take a good habit home with you?

Ideal for healthy weight loss

In particular, untrained people who would like to lose weight benefit from running.

The reason for this is simple: The body is not yet used to the new exertion and even light runs of around 20 minutes crank up the calorie burning sustainably.

In addition, the so-called afterburn effect lasts about 14 hours after physical activity. During this time, the body burns more calories than before running.

In order to take full advantage of the afterburn effect, however, you should already belong to the advanced level and convert your run into a HIIT session every now and then.

Defined and lean muscles

Jogging not only ensures a good condition, but also defines the lower leg muscles, thighs and the abdominal muscles.

In particular, barefoot runs in the sand or training units with barefoot shoes also strengthen the foot muscles and the often neglected back muscles. Effective exercises to further promote muscle building are available here on our website.

Good to know: If you want to run in barefoot shoes, it is best to start with short distances and increase slowly so that the muscles can get used to the new load.

Running as a natural anti-aging measure

The aging process in the body can be delayed through regular running units: the body is better supplied with blood and therefore better supplied with oxygen.

This in turn helps prevent blemishes and wrinkles.

For a healthy digestion

Jogging has a positive effect on digestion.

Thus, endurance training can effectively help with constipation (constipation).

Beautiful skin through healthy sweating

While running, the skin secretes water as well as salt or toxic substances such as alcohol and other waste products. The pores open during sporting activities or in the heat and appear finer after sport.Sweating has a positive effect on health and also improves the complexion of your skin.

Tip: Avoid using make-up while running, as this closes the pores. In the warmer months of the year, use sunscreen and headgear that shade the face and prevent premature aging.

Running for healthy joints

Movement is important so that the articular cartilage is supplied with sufficient fluid.

By running – if you don’t overdo it – joint diseases such as osteoarthritis can be prevented.

Jogging as a cancer prevention

Men and women who jog regularly have a significantly lower risk of developing cancer.

In particular, the probability of being affected by esophageal cancer drops by an average of 42 percent. Incidentally, in the studies, the cancer cases correlated with the running intensity: Very active runners therefore have a much lower risk of developing cancer.

A longer and healthier life through light endurance sports

Runners live an average of five years longer (on the study) than people who do not exercise regularly.

We’re not talking about marathon runners or iron men, however: just three 20-minute sessions per week have a lasting effect on mental and physical well-being and increase the likelihood of leading a longer and healthier life.

Plus: Runners are flexible even in old age and are in good condition.

Running makes you smart: Promotes concentration and clear thinking

Jogging increases your cognitive performance and promotes focused and clear thinking.

Endurance sports such as running also have positive effects in Alzheimer’s therapy. Regular running sessions delay the progression of the disease, especially in the early stages of the disease. Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients who jog are also more optimistic and less prone to depression than patients who do not exercise.

Starting to run is not a question of age. Anyone can become a runner again by walking and walking!

Running as a friendship sport

Running is a great sport to practice it together with friends, partner or colleagues.

The motivation can be increased and the weaker self can be outwitted more easily. Jogging in a group also helps to find the right running speed. You should be able to talk to your fellow campaigners without any problems.

Running is also the ideal sport for couples, because in contrast to numerous other sports such as tennis or golf, sports are played here together and not against each other.

Running lowers blood pressure

Light endurance sport lowers blood pressure (for the study) and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. The intensity of the runs should be moderate, however, so that there are no blood pressure peaks.
Men and women who have been shown to suffer from high blood pressure should start training under medical supervision. Incidentally, measurable effects appear after ten weeks.

Experience nature up close

It is worthwhile to plan running routes through the forest, on dirt roads or along a river.

This not only has a positive effect on the joints, your soul also benefits.

You will be rewarded with fresh, clear air, soothing silence and breathtaking landscapes.

You will feel fresher and more comfortable afterwards.

Sleep well

Endurance sports ensure a restful and deep sleep. In addition, moderate training ensures that you fall asleep faster and wake up less often during the night (about the study).

Plus: Runners are far less prone to night-time leg cramps. The following applies: early morning exercise is particularly helpful if you have problems sleeping. You should also skip dinner or just eat a very light meal in order to get the best possible sleep.

Great year-round sport

The great thing about running is that you can do it not only at certain times of the year, but all year round.

However, with a little caution, the heat waves in summer and black ice in winter can be harmful to health and cause injuries.

Run happily and happily

Running helps reduce stress and clear your mind after a hard day at work.

Exercise helps reduce stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol and build happiness hormones.

Additional plus point: The good feeling persists even after the running unit.

How does our feeling of happiness arise? – an infographic from Lottoland

Running lowers the risk of osteoporosis

Bone loss is one of the most common degenerative diseases.

Regular running units help to effectively reduce the risk of bone loss.

Your extra tip: It’s easy to start running

Surprise: You will also receive a 19th tip included.

It’s not that unimportant. The point is that it’s easy to start running.

All you need are good running shoes. And a training plan that will help you as a beginner to make steady progress.

You can get this and many other tips if you want to start running in this article: Running training for beginners – how to start correctly and how to stick with it.

The conclusion

Running is fun, ensures a slim, taut figure, lowers blood pressure and counteracts everyday stress.

Beginners benefit from light running training after just a few weeks, and those returning to the sport quickly get used to the light load.

Let’s go: Lace up your running shoes and turn running into your new passion!

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