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In this article I will introduce you to a tabata workout that will make your abs burn.

It only takes 4 minutes. But the question is: can you hold out?

But don’t worry: I’ll show you the Tabata workout in different degrees of difficulty, so that you can participate even as a beginner.

Let’s go!

What is a tabata workout?

The Tabata method in its pure form is only for advanced users because it works with the highest intensities. It is a variant of the high-intensity interval training. You not only increase your strength, but also your endurance (depending on the exercise you choose) and boost your metabolism and thus also your fat loss.

If you want to try a Tabata workout as a beginner, then slowly feel your way up to the maximum intensities over several training units and weeks. Provided, of course, that your doctor has given you permission to exercise (see also my advice) .If you are not training at full intensity, you can take a longer break (a few minutes) and add one or two more intensive ones Start rounds.

Originally the Tabata method was used in speed skating. But you can also use them while running. You sprint for 20 seconds and then take a 10-second break. You repeat this 8 times, so that you only train for 4 minutes in total (excluding warm-up: Here is a good 5-minute warm-up).

In the picture below you can see me after a Tabata sprint unit with 3 Tabata runs in a row. That was really demanding …

If you want to find out more about the Tabata workout, take a look at

A Tabata workout also works great with bodyweight exercises, provided they are exercises that work your whole body. The classics are the burpees. But you can also do squats with jumping, jumping lunges, etc.: Depending on your level of ability.

In today’s workout, we deviate a little from the classic.

And go to the floor.

The Plank Jacks Tabata Workout

What are Plank Jacks will likely be your first question.

That’s easy to explain.  Jumping Jacks. These are the well-known jumping jacks.

Plankjacks is the combination of these two exercises. That means you stand in forearm support and then jump with your legs into the straddle and back to the starting position.

It might not read that bad, but I’ll tell you, this Tabata workout has it all. Especially for your core.

It works like this:

  • You step into the forearm support on the floor so that only your hands, forearms and the balls of your feet are touching the floor.
  • During the 20 second exercise, you jump into the straddle and back to the starting position. While you are jumping you stay in the plank all the time.
  • You simply stand in the plank for the 10 second “break”.
  • You then repeat the whole thing 8 times.

Important: If you don’t have a well-developed muscle corset around your core, you may experience pain in your lower back. They come from the fact that when jumping you cushion the load via your spine – especially your intervertebral discs – because your muscles are not yet strong enough.

In this case: stop training and if you are not in pain, start with an easier variant.

In the following video I will explain in more detail what you have to pay attention to and how to start your workout.

You will also learn what simpler alternatives there are if you have problems doing this exercise for 4 minutes.

Have fun!

When can you incorporate the Plankjacks Tabata workout into your training?

The principles of high-intensity interval training are simple: it helps you make good progress in less time.

But if you overdo it, i.e. more than 3 high-intensity units per week, the whole thing can quickly backfire: You get sick more often, are more prone to injury, etc.

So this is the first point to look out for.

Point # 2: You may already train regularly and would like to integrate this workout into your training plan.

But when is the best time to do this?

Here you have 2 variants to choose from, which have proven themselves:

  • You use the Tabata workout when you have really little time. As a stand-alone training session. Because even with a warm-up you are done in 10 minutes.
  • You train with the Tabata method after a not too strenuous workout. You should still have strength and not feel completely exhausted to be able to cope with the high intensities.


The Tabata protocol is a form of high-intensity interval training.

In this article you got to know a tabata workout that primarily challenges your stomach and back muscles and is a real challenge.

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