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I would like to introduce you to 10 morning exercise exercises that will really wake you up and give you a great start to the day.

You will also find out why morning exercise makes sense and how you can make it your healthy habit.

In addition, you get a whole workout video included so you can get started right away.

Have fun!

Why morning exercise makes sense

First we should talk about the terminology.

What do I mean by morning exercise? Well, the term is just as ill-defined as morning exercise.

However, we can still agree on the following: You exercise relatively soon after getting up and relatively early in the morning.

It is up to you whether you get out of bed at 6 a.m. and do sports at 7 a.m. or get up at 8 a.m. and start right after you get up.

The morning hour has gold in its mouth.

One important question still needs to be clarified: Should you eat something before starting morning exercise? Or maybe not?

It all depends.

  • If you want to do a very intense, long workout (over an hour), you should treat yourself to a little something beforehand, so that you have enough strength for it.
  • For smaller and less intense workouts it is enough if you only eat afterwards. This is also useful for boosting your fat burning.
  • You can read more about eating and training here.

We have now clarified what morning exercise is and what it looks like with food before and after.

Why does it make sense now?

  • We already had the first point: You can increase your fat burning rate and thus reduce body fat better. In this study, you can read that exercising on an empty stomach has a higher rate of fat oxidation (you burn more fat) than if you ate carbohydrates before exercising. You will also improve your insulin sensitivity more than if you had eaten before.
  • You use your hormone level optimally: In the morning or early morning the level of your anabolic (building up) hormones – especially testosterone – is highest. Training around this time frame stimulates an athletic body composition (less fat, more muscles).
  • What you have, you have: In the evening after a long day at work, you may still have family obligations waiting for you. Your training may then fall victim to the excuse “I don’t have time”. To prevent this from happening, you can train in the morning and start the day relaxed.
  • Especially in summer it is not that hot early in the morning and you can do your workout with more energy. If you train on hot days, try a casual forest run, because it’s nice and cool there too.

The 10 morning exercise exercises

Now let’s look at the 10 exercises I’ve prepared for you.

They increase in intensity. That means exercise 1 is easy to do, exercise 10, however, will be relatively difficult.

1. Grasping on tiptoe

Therefore, in this exercise, you alternately stretch one arm upwards and pull the other down at an angle.Stretching in the morning is always good.

This creates beautiful body tension and you really stretch yourself.

At the same time you stand on tiptoe.

Every time you stretch an arm up.

2. Shoulder circles backwards

It stimulates the antagonists (opponents) of the muscles that make us “slump” at the desk.This exercise really wakes up your shoulder joint and prepares you optimally for a long day at the desk.

Imagine how you are sitting at your desk: mostly with your shoulders slightly raised and pulled forward, your hands rotated inwards.

For this reason we rotate our hands outwards as far as possible and then circle backwards in the shoulder joint.

3. Around the World

I call this exercise “Around the World” – it’s about drawing as large a circle as possible around your body in the air.

To do this, stretch one arm in front of your body and turn your palm upwards.

Then you draw the largest possible circle around your body with the stretched arm. The palm always points upwards. Only at the end of the circle can you bend your arm, pass it under your armpit and thus close the circle. Then switch sides.

4. Cat horse

That means, you first push your spine upwards, then you let it sink into a hollow back.In this exercise, you alternate between cat hump and horse back.

Your head dictates the movement, as does your hips.

Your gaze is directed downwards at your feet when the cat is hunched over and against the wall when the horse is back.

5. Eagle Wings

The bent leg changes and you stretch your arms to the side in eagle wings.An Animal Athletics exercise in which you stand in a straddle and do squats.

Feel how you tense your upper back and lead your Amre up as far as possible.

Keep your back straight during the exercise and lower your buttocks as far as your strength and mobility in the leg allow.

6. Lunge with rotation

In addition, in this exercise you rotate your upper body with your arms extended from your body to the front leg (Warning: In the video, I rotate in the wrong direction for the first few repetitions.).You probably already know the lunge. You just take a big step forward and lower your body at the same time.

This rotational movement ensures good mobility of your spine.

7. Crab Reach

It is simply ideal to compensate for the problems of everyday sitting.I already presented the crab reach in my Top 10 Animal Athletics exercises.

To do this, step back into the support and then push your hips up as far as possible. One arm remains on the floor, the other arm is stretched back and down.

8. Wildcat Push Up

In this exercise you start in the push-up position. Then you sit back on your heels, but without your knees touching the floor.It’s getting really difficult.

Finally, go back to the starting push-up position and do a push-up. Then it starts all over again.

You train your body tension and of course your arm and chest muscles.

9. Cassowary Kick

You do a straddle, then place your hands on the floor and then lead one leg between the arm and leg of the other side and lower your buttocks to the floor.This exercise is perfect for getting your abs to burn.

Only hands and feet should touch the ground at a time. The forward stretched leg floats in the air. If that is still too difficult for you, you can put your hands on a bench.

Especially for women who want a slim waist, this is the ideal exercise in addition to body fat reduction.

10. Awakening Dog

Finally, we do the waking up and sniffing dog.

To do this, first go into the starting position: hands and feet on the floor, behind as far up as possible.

Then you lower your face to the floor and guide your body into an arc tension without touching the floor.

Then you turn the whole thing around and “sniff” along the floor back to the starting position.

If this is still too difficult for you at the beginning, stop “sniffing back” and go back to the starting position immediately after the bow tension.

Morning exercise: The workout video

In this video I have put together all 10 exercises for a 10-minute workout.

So we carry out each exercise for 1 minute.

The hope of the whole year – spring. The hope of the day – the morning. From Japan

How to make morning exercise a habit

Building new, healthy habits is one of the keys to success if you want to get really fit forever.

Morning exercise can also be such a good habit.

The following tips will help you make morning exercise a habit:

  • Take small steps!
    You don’t have to run for an entire hour or plan an intense workout. Start with small bites of exercise. That might just be a few squats at the beginning. Or the morning exercise workout presented in this article.
  • Calculate correctly!
    If you want to exercise in the morning, you should go to sleep so that you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep, do your morning exercise, and don’t stress yourself to work. That means you may not be able to watch your favorite series in the evening. Your body and mind will thank you.
  • Have everything ready!
    If you have your training clothes ready in the evening, you have one less excuse to get up to sport. Moving is quick and easy and you don’t lose any time.
  • Make up a plan B!
    You want to run for an hour and have planned everything perfectly. But then you have to go to the bakery to get some bread for your children’s snack. No problem. Just come up with a plan B beforehand. This can be a small workout that you can do right at home. With bodyweight training, none of this is a problem.
  • Music in the morning!
    Put together a motivating playlist beforehand and imagine how you will get started when you press play. This will help you to really look forward to your morning exercise.
  • Reward yourself!
    You did your morning workout again? Great, then treat yourself to your caffeine boost in your favorite cafe. Or reward yourself in other ways that aren’t detrimental to your progress (for example, eating too many processed foods would be counterproductive). Here are some delicious breakfast ideas to help you progress.

Put the tips into practice step by step and after just under a month you will be wondering how you could ever do without morning exercise.


In this article I have introduced you to 10 morning exercise exercises with which you can start the day really well.

You also learned why morning exercise can make sense and how to do it correctly.

The first hour of the morning is the rudder of the day. Augustinus Aurelius

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